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It is important to me to communicate to all audiences on psychology topics. Therefore my writing style take into account the academics as well as those not familiar with the science of psychology but with an interested in understanding why things happen and how to address them. I must say that I am most pleased with reviews I've received from the public. The reaction to my book demonstrates to me that I've been able to communicate the most important audience - people in everyday life who are challenged by issues such as depression:

Suicide and Mental Health

Suicide is one of the leading causes of death in high schools and colleges. Delving into a topic of perennial interest and concern, particularly among teenagers, this important volume addresses the full range of issues relative to suicide and suggests ways to help those who struggle. While the risk of suicide is increasing across age groups, the good news is that with timely intervention, most suicides are preventable. Written primarily for high school and college students as well as for their teachers and parents, this guide combines relevant research and theories about suicide with current clinical thinking and approaches to diagnosis and treatment. Going beyond the clinical, the volume also explores suicide in history and in popular culture and examines relevant cultural, religious, moral, and ethical viewpoints. It looks at suicide among various demographic groups, probes psychological motivations and methods used, and discusses the controversy surrounding a person's right to die. What differentiates this work from others is that it covers the breadth of the subject but also considers issues in enough depth to make their importance and complexity clear. Readers will better understand the problem of suicide, its impact, and the approaches that can be used to prevent suicide and deal more effectively with at-risk individuals.
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Abnormal Psychology across the Ages: Thomas Plante (ed.)

In this multi-volume set, I contributed the chapters on Depression, Somatoform Disorders, and Dissociative Disorders. Abnormal behavior was once thought to result from spirit possession by demons or devils. In these three volumes, a team of scholars provides a thoughtful history of abnormal psychology, demonstrating how concepts regarding disordered mental states, their causes, and their treatments developed and evolved across the ages. Compiling current thought from some of the best minds in the field, Abnormal Psychology across the Ages provides essays that reflect on multiple dimensions of abnormal behavior. These experts present biological, psychological, social, cultural, and supernatural perspectives throughout human history on a range of disorders, as well as the global influences on scientific thinking. A fascinating read for anyone in the field of abnormal psychology, from undergraduate students to clinicians, counselors, psychologists, and psychiatrists, this three-volume work addresses questions such as: What is "abnormal" psychology and thinking? What are the causes, how have we treated it, and how do we treat it now? And how does the culture of the times affect what we perceive as "abnormality"?
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Dealing with Anxiety and Related Disorders: Understanding, Coping, and Prevention

Anxiety disorders are the most common and frequently misdiagnosed and under-treated of all mental health conditions. Dealing with Anxiety and Related Disorders: Understanding, Coping, and Prevention explains in accessible language the myths, misunderstandings, and realities of anxiety disorders. I approach anxiety and related disorders—including panic disorder, social phobia, obsessive-compulsive disorder, and PTSD—with the most up-to-date and professionally sound information available. Readers are provided with comprehensive information on each disorder—its description, clinical symptoms, dynamics, and available treatments, including alternative and experimental approaches. Ways in which patients can get help and help themselves are discussed, as are steps family members and friends can take when they know a loved one is struggling with an anxiety disorder. Detailed case studies illustrate both the disorders and the options for treatment.

Understanding and Treating Depression : Ways to Find Hope and Help

This book explains the history, incidence, diagnosis, costs, treatments, and many faces of depression. In any given year, a significant number of people suffer from a depressive disorder. Most do not seek professional help although the great majority could find relief with treatment. And that not only causes hundreds of thousands of dollars in economic costs annually from work slowdown and accidents to illnesses and suicides, the wider picture is that depression hurts not only the person at issue, but millions more who are family members or other loved ones. This book offers a one-stop source that explains the history, increasing incidence, diagnosis, costs, treatment, and many faces of depression across ages, gender, culture, ethnicity, socioeconomic group, and sexual identity. Every chapter includes vignettes and interviews to illustrate the topic and main points. Treatment approaches and success rates are discussed, as are the meanings and myths applied to this common disorder. Current and emerging research, and treatments on the horizon, are also spotlighted.

Understanding Workplace Violence: a guide for managers and employees, by Michele A. Paludi, Rudy V. Nydegger, Carmen A. Paludi (2006) - nominated for the C. Wright Miles Award.

The statistics are alarming. Experts agree that risk factors for workplace violence include psychological, behavioral, and situational stressors--and today's volatile business environment increases their intensity. This timely book integrates insights from the fields of management and social psychology to identify the sources of workplace violence and offer readers practical strategies for preventing it, protecting themselves and their employees from it, and reacting swiftly and effectively when it happens. Featuring case examples, interviews, practical recommendations, and resources for additional information, the authors debunk common myths and misconceptions about workplace violence, its perpetrators, and its victims, and consider the link between domestic and workplace violence--in particular, its implications for women and minorities. The result is an essential guide for anyone, including managers and employees, human resource professionals and counselors, psychologists and other advocates, who is affected by the impact of workplace violence and is seeking solutions.

Disorders of the New Millennium (three volume set), by Thomas G. Plante (editor)

Chapter by Rudy Nydegger: Post Partum Depression: "More than the Baby Blues?" and chapter co-written with Michele Paludi, "Diagnostic, Treatment, Gender and Cultural Issues"

Tragically, the daily news is filled with stories about hurtful and seemingly mystifying problems in human behavior. Each morning we face news stories about murder, suicide, drunken driving accidents, child molestation, drug abuse, gambling, criminal behavior and so forth. The cover stories of news magazines from TIME and Newsweek to U.S. News and World Report often focus on abnormal psychology and behavior connected to these particular topics, as well as to autism, child hyperactivity, depression, eating disorders and more. In these volumes, experts in their respective fields draw together compelling chapters on the abnormal psychology and resulting behaviors that are today most often and most dramatically at issue in our world, including such topics as "workaholism." Written with accessibility in mind, the set is intended to bridge the gap between research monographs and self-help books, to give layreaders and students solid and up to date information without having to translate jargon-heavy text. Most people today are impacted by abnormal behavior or mental illness in some way. Some suffer from their own mental disorders or live with someone who does. Others have been victimized by people experiencing abnormal psychology, including the 20% of American women and 15% of American men reporting they were sexually abused as children. Mental illness and abnormal behavior touches all of us. This set can help us cope.